Flavio the Magnificent is no more!

Finally, tonight I was sitting at my desk doing some work when I heard a rattling in the kitchen. I poked my head under the sink and couldn't see anything. After going back to my work for a few minutes, I heard it again and went to check once more. Sure enough, a little brown and white deer mouse sat inside of the bottle, trembling and looking very anxious. Turns out the noise I heard was him trying to knock the ping pong ball so he could escape. He was super cute and while he may be an adorable little disease bag, I'm still glad I didn't have to kill him. I walked the bottle far away from our house, and turned it so that he could escape, and set the bottle down in a nice grassy park area. The only problem is that even with flipping the bottle, the little guy would not leave it. So I finally used some gloves to unscrew the top and set the bottle back on the ground. Flavio the Magnificent, our little brown deer mouse, finally made his way out of the bottle and into the wild and I was left with a warm fuzzy feeling, which resulted from not having to kill the thing. He enjoyed a nice pecan and cheese, I am left with my nonviolent side appeased, and he has a new home that isn't mine. I declare this to be a win/win. Plus I can just chuck the bottle after we're done, it's reusable, and simple to use.

Now I'm off to reset the trap in case Flavio has any relatives I need to be concerned with. Hooray for traps that are humane, effective, and above all, reusable.

***** 7/21 Update: I've now caught three mice with this trap. It normally attracts the mouse the night I lay it out. I really, really love that I can use a clean, new bottle each time because after that mouse has been in there a while munching pecans, that bottle is filled with poop. Don't forget to put air holes in the bottles though!*****

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on every continent - except Antarctica.

Know your Mouse.
By MSU839 on May 3

Verified Purchase

Easy for setting. Had to try three different foods to get the smarty pants. For peanut butter to work make sure if setting a dab at enterence is no bigger than a crumb. Because my mouse would just get the peanut butter and run off.

Trap enterence is very noisy so if you are using in a small apartment space you'll notice when the mouse comes in and leaves or when mouse is caught.

2 Liters tend to roll. 1 Liter will sit flat; but a disparate mouse will try to knock over as another mentioned.

     Customers include, students, teachers, professionals, celebrities, MIT AstroPhysicists, Neurologists, folks on the farm and folks with horse barns, military installations in Afghanistan and even NASA.

     We've shipped many orders to far away Australia, New Zealand, the Island of Cyprus, Morocco and throughout Europe. 

Read what some of them had to say:

Humane mousetrap
By Jeraldine Neal Burrows on March 28
Verified Purchase

This product is just what I wanted. I moved into a new house and have a few mice. I wanted to be able to catch them and let them go.

A friend has this product and highly recommended it.

Best product ever. I completely got rid of house mice and have had no trouble since.
By Amazon Customer on August 17
Verified Purchase

This is the best product I had come across in a very long time. We live in a heavily wooded area. I bought this trap out of desperation to find an easy way to rid the house of wild deer mice. In one month I caught 62 mice and successfully relocated them. I have not had a mouse in the house since. Now I want to purchase again and can't find the product any where. 

Update: It's available again @ www.greenbottleusa.com

Works great catching mice without killing them
By Gregory S. Zyzanski on December 16
Verified Purchase

Works great catching mice without killing them. If catching live mice is one's interests, one will not fail here. A good product that does what it says. Recommended.

By K. Gardiner on June 19
Verified Purchase

We purchased this trap after finding mouse droppings underneath our kitchen sink. They would appear every few days, indicating that a little friend was coming by to scour the area for food. Since we clean our kitchen every night, including sanitizing surfaces, there was nothing for him to find.

We decided to purchase the Catch-a-Mouse trap, preferring not to kill the little guy. We punched some air holes in the bottle (a must) and laid out the trap with some almond butter but we didn't catch him. We found the label of the soda bottle had been chewed a bit, like he'd tried to get the food without going inside, but no luck. We got a larger bottle, baited it with a tortilla chip, a pecan, and some cheddar (cliché, I know). We waited a few more days, but with no luck.

Works Great
By Ron Viers on August 21
Verified Purchase

The trap mechanism rattles, so if you keep it close you can hear when the mouse enters and tries to leave. otherwise, as mentioned in other reviews, poke holes in it so the mouse does not suffocate. i tried baiting it first with peanuts, but that didn't work. that changed once i started using chocolate chip cookies

It works!!
By Moe 48 on November 24

Verified Purchase

I used a 2 liter bottle and baited it with a cheeto and a few small pretzel pieces dipped in peanut butter. I also rubbed a small dot of peanut butter at the entrance. I recommend setting the trap against a wall and bracing it with an object to keep it from rolling. (I set my trap at 5pm and checked it at 10pm. There were droppings inside the bottle but they had rocked it onto its side and escaped.) I reset the trap at 10pm and blocked it from rolling again - the next morning I had two mice trapped!

Absolutely worth the money! Thank you for this humane and effective product!

Could just be my critter... It was                  
By Brenda on March 19
Verified Purchase

My critter was all about what was inside and so instead of trying to find a way in- ate a big hole in the bottom of the bottle for freedom to tote the food back to the nest (or wherever) .... hope it is not in my van :-(   Did this twice.  Doesn't work for me. Sorry

Update: Had to resort to poison as nothing would catch it (bought 5 different humane traps). Turns out it was a huge rat that was too large to go through the hole, thus ate through the bottle for the buffet.

*** Product not intended for rats... rats will chew threw almost anything.

I hate mice.
By B. Roscoe on December 27
Verified Purchase

I have only one complaint - I wish there were some kind of sign inscribed on the trap showing which is up and which is down. BUT, what happened was i had it upside down so the mouse got quite use to going in and eating the taco chips. When i discovered my mistake, i turned the trap over and within a half hour i caught a mouse! I took it outside and things have been very quiet. I did see my cats acting crazy this weekend, so i am getting out that trap again and getting ready for victory.

Worked within two hours!
By Mary Rose on July 3
Verified Purchase

I love animals. LOVE 'em. Besides biting insects, I don't kill anything I don't have to, and it's because of this fact that I admittedly put up with Mr. Nibbles, the adorable but germ-ridden mouse under my sink, for way too long. I could hear him scrambling around in there and so could my two cats, who would occasionally sit and stare at the cabinet door as though they could catch him by osmosis. (They're indoor cats and wouldn't know what to do with him anyway, but instinct sure told them they wanted to do something!) Because neither I nor my cats need to get hantavirus or the plague, I knew I needed to get rid of him, but it wasn't until he ate through a pouch of wet cat food, which rotted and stank up my house for days, that I finally broke down and purchased the Catch-a-Mouse trap.

Well, it arrived yesterday. And I set it up yesterday. And I caught Mr. Nibbles yesterday.

It took less than two hours from the time I washed out a 20 oz. soda bottle, threaded it to the Catch-a-Mouse, baited it with several cat treats (something I knew the little critter enjoyed because he ate his share in the cabinet during his tenure here), and placed it beneath my sink, that I heard scratching in the kitchen and saw that my cat George was watching the cabinet door intently. After making sure he couldn't get out of his temporary cheese-and-soda-bottle-prison, I drove him to a secluded spot a few miles away and let him go, which was just as easy as the product description says: turned it over, let the spring and ping pong ball drop, mouse escaped. Easy-peasy!

I can't recommend this product enough. To watch that little creature run away into the grass was such a joy! If he's eaten up by a hawk this afternoon, that's fine - at least he'll be part of the food chain and not rotting in my garbage can after having his life ended in a snap trap under my sink. This is a far more humane way to remove rodents from a home than anything else on the market, and one I'll use for life. I love that it's endlessly reusable, too, and it gives a second life to old soda bottles as well.

Got mice? Get the Catch-a-Mouse.

Caught a Mouse on my first night!
By Mr. Hammer on October 28
Verified Purchase

I baited a 2 liter soda bottle with peanut butter on a cheese flavored goldfish cracker Thursday Evening.

On Friday morning I had myself a mouse in a bottle. I even shared a photo of the little bugger I took from my cell phone.

Two Thumbs Up from me!!!

Worked like a charm!
By S.B. on January 14

Verified Purchase

We caught most of the mice in our place using the old baited paper towel roll and bucket method. Then we stopped catching them but still had signs of at least one mouse. We tried several other humane mousetraps and none of them worked. He was just too clever and always got away with the bait. I thought this trap looked like a reasonable method and bought it. Sure enough, the first night we caught our mouse! We set the trap the last few nights and caught nothing and have no new signs of any more mice. A simple yet effective trap, highly recommended.

This thing has been great. My highest is 3 mice at once
By Iron Yuppie on March 5, 2018

I purchased this trap in 2012, and just caught yet another mouse this morning. I always get them when the weather is changing. This thing has been great. My highest is 3 mice at once. My cat checks the trap everyday and always informs me when it has occupants.

I'd highly suggest using fragrant dry bait. I use peanut butter on a bit of cracker. I started catching even more mice when I just touched the exterior ball with the tiniest dab of peanut butter. My theory is they smell the peanut butter, start licking the ball, smell more behind the ball and enter.

…. it only takes common sense to use.

Great Product
By Jennifer DiDomenico on April 13
Verified Purchase

This mouse trap really works. I have caught several mice.

Used peanut butter inside the bottle. Like the idea the mice are not harmed.

Even caught our fat mice
By Cindy from STL on January 13 

Verified Purchase

We have an old house and mice just seem to come with the territory. The cats do a decent job, but as they get older, they are less patient and fall asleep at the job. The first night I put the Humane Mouse Trap out in our kitchen trash but where I could watch. I kept seeing mice getting stuck then backing out with their little front feet flailing. I was afraid our well-fed mice were just too portly to fit in the bottle opening.

By morning I had two scared, fat mice in the 2-liter bottle headed to new frontier.

I'm delighted with the whole concept of re-purposing the soda bottle, and not having to clean out traps.