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EcoFriendly gardening and plant products that reuse empty plastic bottles & jugs, gentle on the environment and helpful to any green gardener.   

Gardener's EcoSpout Sprinkler

     Recycle and reuse an empty plastic jug and twist on our EcoSpout to convert the bottle into a useful garden sprinkling can. 

     The EcoSpout Sprinkler is a daisy-shaped sprinkler head that snaps onto most plastic gallon and half-gallon jugs, turning them into watering cans.

     Use the EcoSpout Sprinkler to water plants, flowers, and landscape.

     The bright yellow and white EcoSpout Sprinkler fits on water jugs, milk jugs, juice jugs, laundry jugs, windshield washer fluid jugs, and glass cleaner jugs.

     By removing the daisy head, the three-piece attachment also turns into a funnel and pouring spout.

     An essential product for every gardener and by reusing your empty plastic jugs even gentler on the environment. 
     Visit our EcoShop Market and buy your Gardener's EcoSpout Sprinkler today, only $4.99 plus shipping and handling.

 EcoPlant Automatic Waterer
     Our Environmental friendly plant waterer is the perfect house plant sitter for busy people who love plants.  Great for your home, office, school the EcoPlant Automatic Waterer provides a adequote water for up to six weeks.

     It's the practical solution to the problem of watering your plants while you are away on business or vacation.  Instead of calling the plant sitter, in minutes your EcoPlant Waterer is set up, filled and providing your plants fresh water.

     A simple self-waterer consisting of only one part.  Molded of durable plastic, this receptacle is designed so that an inverted plastic soda or mineral water bottle (serving as a water reservoir) is mounted on the back of the base to feed water to the plant by capillary action.  The system fills the receptacle only to a depth that touches 1/8" to 1/4" of the soil in the bottom of the pot, penetrating through the drain holes (normally found in the bottom of all pots).  This allows the soil to absorb the water and keeps the soil finely and uniformly moist at all times. 


     A 1-liter size bottle-fill lasts about 3 weeks and a 2-liter size would last 4 - 6 weeks between refills, depending upon the size of the plant.  Liquid fertilizer can be uniformly fed to the plant effectively and efficiently with this system.  

    Water is stored in the bottle under vacuum and stays fresh for long periods.  Since the plant is fed with water that stays fresher - healthier foliage growth is promoted and flower blooms stay longer!


     Visit our EcoShop Market and buy your EcoPlant Automatic Plant Waterer today, only $7.99 plus shipping and handling.

EcoTree Automatic Water

     Our EcoTree Automatic Waterer takes the chore out of watering your Christmas tree making it a simple, no fuss task!  A properly and adequately hydrated Christmas tree makes a safer Christmas for everyone! 

     Eliminates the need to crawl under the tree and around packages and decorations. No more guesswork, eliminates spills and overfilling, too. EcoTree Waters the tree automatically, remotely, and only as needed by creating a siphoning action that conveys the water stored in a recycled plastic bottle to the tree through a flexible plastic hose. Water is stored in a partial vacuum and stays fresh at all times.  

     Keeps a 7 foot tall average sized tree supplied with water for more than 10 days! Using a clear 2-liter plastic bottle allows you to easily monitor the refill level.

     Easy to use, no assembly required.

     Place the EcoTree Automatic Waterer by the side or rear of the Christmas Tree and place the end of the hose in the bottom of the tree stand.  Then take any empty 2 liter beverage bottle, fill it with water and invert it in the EcoTree Waterer.  The water will automatically flow from the EcoTree Waterer into the Christmas tree stand until the water in the tree stand is 2" deep.  Then the flow of water will automatically shut off.  As the tree drinks the water in the stand, the  EcoTree Waterer will automatically refill it back up to the 2" level.

     Recycle an empty plastic bottle & help keep your Christmas tree fresh and green longer.


     Visit our EcoShop Market and buy your EcoTree Automatic Waterer today, only $12.99 plus shipping and handling.




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