Catch A MouseTM
The first Ecofriendly &
Humane "live catch & release"  Mouse Trap
About Us

Reusing your Empty Plastic Bottles is more than just a “feel good”gesture.       
Reusing One Bottle-

   In a practical way,is a visual reminder that Each of Us can  Contribute in Making an Environmental Impact.

    Is a Start towards Building Better Earth Conscious Habits.

   Teaches our Youth that They too
 Can Initiate Change.

   Can help to Increases 
 Conservation Awareness.

ange can Start with One !

     If given the choice we believe most consumers would choose products which are practical, long-lasting and conserve our natural resources.


     As easy as this sounds, in practice as a parent I found it can be confusing and difficult to find quality earth friendly products.  Often times ecofriendly alternatives are not readily available in local stores or the products are expensive and inferior.


     At Green Bottle USA we make every effort to provide consumers and especially families  good nature friendly alternatives, quality products which are practical and economical.


     Together we can make a significant impact by teaching our children that they can make a difference. Our choosing of responsible earth friendly alternatives, helps reduce waste, saves money & resources and protects our planet.

     As consumers are further educated and become aware of the importance and our shared responsibility to conserve our resources, the demand for ecofriendly alternatives will continue to grow and our future generations will be able to breathe a little easier.

     Studies show that Americans throw away more than 60 million plastic bottles a day.  Starting with our own families we can practice conservation by purchasing renewable and recycled ecofriendly products for our home, products which keep bottles out of the waste stream. 

     One bottle at a time we hope we can help you make a difference, every bottle counts!


               Bryan Muche  

        Green Bottle USA    






 Founder's Bio

    Bryan Muche, President
      Green Bottle USA

Leading with Enthusiasm, Energy,
             Passion and Perseverance.

Discovering Opportunities & Creating Business Success

     Bryan has had a knack for turning opportunity into business success ever since his childhood days selling night crawlers by the dozen to local fisherman.  What began one summer night as a search for fishing bait in his parent’s backyard grew to a successful summer venture.  As business grew, regular deliveries of Canadian night crawlers were needed to supply the eighth grader’s small business.  Making $500 that summer ignited an enterprising spark that continues to burn brightly today.         

     Throughout his professional career Bryan has championed the successful development of projects from concept to national retail distribution.  Beginning his career by obtaining a strong educational foundation at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater he put his training and creativity to use immediately at Shape Plastics Corporation, a Wisconsin based manufacturer of plastic consumer products.  At age twenty-one he became the driving force in the company’s sales success, traveling to corporate headquarters from coast to coast negotiating and securing product distribution with Home Depot, Menards, Builder’s Square and numerous other national retail chains. 

     His background and knowledge in plastics and manufacturing grew with sales management positions at a plastic injection molder and later as a sales engineer for a raw material distributor.  This foundation of business experience and knowledge led Bryan to start Extreme Advantage, a design and manufacturing company which he founded and operated for eight years.  Bryan built his business on strong relationships and by providing superior service to key accounts including: Famous Footwear, Jockey International, Carson Pirie Scott, Sakes Fifth Avenue, Miller Brewing and the United States Postal Service.

Domestic and International Success

     Bryan’s success did not go unnoticed as his company was acquired in 2004 by ICM Corporation, where he too was bought onboard to head up retail business development and to oversee manufacturing operations.  In this unique role Bryan developed and successfully launched a line of retail products sold in retailers including Home Depot, Lowes and True Value.  During his employ his responsibilities included sales, engineering and global sourcing of contracts with both government and Fortune 100 customers.

In 2005 he was dispatched to Hong Kong and Mainland China to organize manufacturing operations, design and implement quality assurance programs and to build relations with global manufacturing partners and local dignitaries.

NASCAR’s “Chase for the NEXTEL CUP”
In 2006 Bryan became an independent business consultant which allowed him the opportunity to pursue independent projects while continuing to consult and advise his previous employer.

     Applying his own creative process to turn out new and innovative products he created, developed and licensed a NASCAR family board game called “Chase for the NEXTEL Cup”. “Chase for the NEXTEL Cup”  was sold in 2007 by Wal-Mart, Target, Dick’s Sporting Goods and other leading retailers.

The Better Mouse Trap
In 2008 Bryan developed and introduced the better mouse trap, Catch-A- Mouse, the first eco friendly and humane mouse trap.

The Catch-A-Mouse uses empty plastic water and soda bottles to catch mice, the product is safer for use by families with children and pets. Removing the ‘Ick Factor’ from pest control, caught mice can be released or easily disposed in a touch free, clean and convenient manner.

CHICAGO TRIBUNE :  “Handy Product for the home…plastic bottles can get a second use as a humane mouse trap…”

“Cheesy mousetrap is safer, friendlier option.  Mouse trapping has gone green with the Catch A Mouse.”

“The new Catch A Mouse removes the “Ick Factor” of mouse trapping.”


SAN DIEGO UNION-TRIBUNE: “Bottled Mice…bottle holds live mouse until you release it outdoors.”

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