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Live Catch

Mouse Traps

How To get rid of mice with our CATCH A MOUSE, live catch mouse trap, humane and ecofriendly.

The only Ecofriendly and humane, live catch mouse trap.

***Plastic bottle not included.

Catch A Mouse is a mouse trap that is a better choice for mouse control in homes that have children or pets.

Easy to Assemble  

Cheese-shaped entrance device screws onto an empty plastic beverage bottle.

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CATCH A MOUSE, Buy Yours Today

Relocate and Release

To release mouse, simply rotate cheese shaped entrance, or remove entrance from bottle.

Their are faster ways to Kill a Mouse. 

We have a better way to Catch A Mouse!

Watch CATCH A MOUSE  catch two mice at once.

How it Works.

Bait, Set and Catch

Bait bottle with peanut butter, dab a little additional peanut butter on ball of the cheese entrance.